Wellspring Gardens


New Views

A Christian Science practitioner and teacher who works daily for Wellspring Gardens, talked about the “new views” which are always unfolding. With this thought of “News,” some history of that word: Apparently it comes from North-South-East-West (unscrambled first letter of these words to “NEWS.” As I pondered this, this morning, thought also reminded me how Love has no limitation, reaching out to Love’s remotest border, as Hymn 329 in the Christian Science Hymnal expresses:

The heavens declare the glory
Of Him who made all things;
Each day repeats the story,
Each night its tribute brings.
To earth’s remotest border
His mighty power is known;
In beauty, grandeur, order,
His handiwork is shown.

Hymn 329

Wellspring Gardens has upheld the expression of home to many individuals, supporting those sincere seekers working through a myriad of needs for thirty years. The challenge might be working through a physical difficulty, mental suggestions, developmental beliefs, working through divorces or just seeking Loves’ peace. Here individuals have the support of an atmosphere free of any limitations, judging, diagnosing, gossiping, etc., while having those workers with skills supporting the needs. We are also being guided to help those who have no religious affiliation (and those who do, but are searching) … whomever God guides our way. Often times, it’s helping in their homes, sometimes it’s over the phone or on email messages, even around the world.