Wellspring Gardens

About us


Wellspring Gardens provides loving support to Christian Scientists in home environments, emphasizing spiritual growth and nurturing relationships.


Location & Map

Wellspring Gardens is located in Converse, a small town in south central Texas, 22 miles north of San Antonio and 45 miles south of Austin. Within blocks of Wellspring Gardens are major grocery stores and retail outlets, numerous restaurants, a public library, parks, and athletic fields and facilities.

San Antonio, one of the largest US cities, offers many activities and attractions, from large shopping malls to major amusement parks including Sea World, Six Flags, and Morgan’s Wonderland, the world’s first amusement park designed specifically for those with special challenges. San Antonio also touts noteworthy museums, an impressive zoo, botanical gardens, and professional theater, dance, and musical companies. Major rivers and lakes in the area offer opportunities for fishing, canoeing, rafting, and tubing.



Headed by a Journal-listed Christian Science nurse, Wellspring Gardens has been ministering to the Christian Science community worldwide for 37 years. Christian Science nurses and other caregivers work together to provide a spiritually based environment based on loving our neighbors while being guided by Christian Science teachings.



Independently owned and operated, Wellspring Gardens is covered by most private insurance plans. It belongs to the Organization of Residential Homes, an association of Christian Scientists providing residential living in a variety of unique ways to meet local needs.

It also works closely with Rainbow Valley Resource Network, which supports Christian Scientists working to express freedom from limitations.

Residents are free to attend the Christian Science branch church of their choice. Transportation for Sunday and Wednesday services is provided to the First Church of Christ, Scientist in New Braunfels.

“I remain grateful for the help that you’ve given several members of our family through the years. Wellspring Gardens certainly has been a part of Divine Love meeting our human needs.”

Gratitude from the family member of a WGs resident