Wellspring Gardens

Our Residences

The Wellspring Gardens community consists of four homes located near one another in the quiet town of Converse, Texas, not far from San Antonio. Each home has comfortable sitting and living areas and patios with views of gardens and lawns. A swimming pool and a hot spa are also available for all residents.

Rooms and homes are beautifully decorated and regularly updated. Residents have several different choices of accommodations depending on their needs and wants. They can live in apartments, suites with bathrooms and living areas, smaller single rooms sharing bathrooms with other residents, or shared rooms.

The Garden Home
The Garden Home is the main home of the Wellspring Gardens community. Suites, single rooms, and shared rooms on the ground floor are available for residents. The Garden Home is also where many group activities occur such as church services and group dining.
The Angel & Loft Homes
Respite visitors and active individuals needing little or no physical care are the most frequent residents of the Angel and Loft Homes. These accommodations are two separate living areas, complete with their own kitchens. The Angel Home refers to the rooms on the ground floor, while the Loft is the name for the upstairs accommodations.
The Rose Home
The Rose Home is newly remodeled and fully equipped with suites, a common living area, a kitchen, and laundry facilities. It is currently being used as a Bed and Breakfast for visitors, including the families of Wellspring Gardens residents who come to visit their loved ones. The Rose Home is $50 per day, per room, and includes meals in the Garden Home. Journal-listed Christian Science nurses and practitioners are invited as a complimentary support for up to a week's visit.
The Bird House
The Bird House is an upstairs apartment that is perfect for the individual or couple wanting independence while still benefiting from an assisted living environment. Sometimes the Bird House is used by visiting Christian Science nurses working at Wellspring Gardens.

"Today, I have been cherishing the beautiful God-idea that Wellspring Gardens so purely represents. These words from Isaiah 32:18 came to my thought, as such a beautiful description of the Wellspring family. 'And my people shall dwell in a peaceable habitation, and in sure dwellings, and in quiet resting places.'"

Gratitude from the family member of a WGs resident